During all this time we stayed true to one simple principle of business operations – customer satisfaction.

Core Values

ELITE’s core values have been shaped by more than 50 years experience of delivering the finest construction services to our clients. They have stood to the test of time and these principles remain the cornerstone of our company. We never tried to cut on either quality, the pace of work or any other construction aspect. We stay true to our full promise of customer satisfaction!


At ELITE we pride ourselves on deliverables to our stakeholders, affiliates and business partners. We would undertake a project that we know we don’t have the capacity nor capability to complete. In addition, our passion for detail, as well as to open and clear project management and communication is what makes us more reliable than the competition.


Quality is focal in every thing we do not just our projects and we expect the best not only from our selves but also our contractors. The quality mindset is engrained from our Executive Leadership team down to the traffic controllers and admin personnel and all the way to our on-site contractors and construction workers. Quality is not just the end product but also the manner in which work is performed so as to ensure the security and safety of all personnel. It’s our attention to details that allows us to work on a multitude of projects simultaneously, while staying on schedule!

Environment friendly

At ELITE, we value time, money, people as well as the planet. Green is fundamental in how we do business and we are a strong advocate for adopting green construction principles across all our projects. It cannot be denied anymore, that even small construction projects implements the nature in a bad way, that’s why we’re leading the effort to use only eco-friendly materials and comply with keeping the environment unpollluted by the work we do!

Number of staff

Number of Projects

Value of Projects (Billion PHP)

Projects on the horizon

Executive managers

Arman Morales
Vice President of Operations South
Born and raised in Batangas a province in Luzon, Philippines Arman has witnessed first-hand the transition of small town Batangas to one of the Philippine's fast growing coastal municipalities not only for port trade but also a growing tourism base. Arman established his construction in the early 2000s when demand
Our Chairman is an established and well-respected businessman with over 15 years experience in the construction industry. His banking background has equipped him with comprehensive practical knowledge applicable to any organisation. He operates several businesses across a number of sectors, including construction where he operates a AAA rated construction firm
Richfeld Carino
Vice President of Contractors
Richfeld's roots are firmly embeded in the construction business with his family having been involved in construction since the 1970's. Richfeld has several businesses in construction and material and aggregate supply. He has a profound construction experience and is well connected with some of the largest construction firms in the
Neph Ramos
Vice President of Operations North
Neph Ramos an engineer by profession previously worked with some of the largest global mineral processing and construction companies before going operating his own construction company and completing several land reclamation and land development projects. Neph brings to the team his  broad network within the construction industry, his proven ability
Nino Domingo
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Raised as a naturalised Australian, Nino Domingo brings a dynamic and diverse element to the team. Nino brings with him broad professional and business experience having held a number of senior leadership positions in some of Australia's largest private and not-for-profit companies. He is a marketing and social media expert
Cesar Sandoval
Vice President of Finance and Company Treasurer
Cesar is a registered CPA with extensive banking experience before entering the construction game. As a Chartered Accountant he has worked for some of the largest financial institutions in the Philippines, and now operates a single A construction firm with experience in port construction as well as hydro energy. His
Chris Go
Vice President of Administration & Company Secretary
Chris' nous and organisational skills is a vital element to the team in managing communication and administrative requirements. Chris also operates his own mid-sized interior design and fitout company and possesses an extensive business network. It is that kind of a first hand entrepreneurial experience in managing all the processes

I love their enthusiasm, I am so grateful for the opportunities they provided and can’t wait for the New Clark City project to commence!


Great service!